Preschool to Kindergarten: Age 2-6 year old

Busy Little Fingers EEC (BLF) has a very maturing environment. Each child is greeted every morning with a BIG SMILE and sent everyday with a happy “See you tomorrow!”

The staff is very loving, kind and patient. BLF does a great job with guiding each child while learning the social and academic skills that they will rely on in the future. As soon as you walk in the front doors of Busy Little Fingers you will be welcomed to a warm and inviting environment.

A Large shady back play yard offers a play structure as well as bikes, balls and water play areas. The classrooms are well organized with supplies, puzzles, books, games, building blocks, art materials and not mention our dramatic play area; where the children expand their imagination. Weekly YOGA and Spanish classes only begin to describe our ever expanding enrichment program.

Nature and science, music and story telling are all included in our well balanced curriculum.
Infants 5 weeks to 2 years old
At Busy Little Fingers our infant room is a warm and loving environment with teachers who are highly qualified in the field of Early Childhood Education and who have completed college units in infant studies.

We offer a full program beginning at 5 weeks to 2 years old.

Our daily program which consists of circle time, music and movement, story time, art, flash cards and our outdoor activities which include bikes, ball playing bubbles takes place in our own tree shaded play yard.

Infants grow and learn at their own pace. Our infants are served well balanced meals daily and are provided two healthy snacks. Daily charts are written on each child and parents are informed of their child’s progress daily.
The preschool children will be separated into an infant center plus four classrooms according to age and degree of individual maturity.
Infant Center “Winnie the Pooh” 5 weeks to 24 months
Teachers are responsible for diaper changing, potty training, indoor and outdoor play, with structured play time. Appropriate toys, games and skill development will be provided.
Age 2 “Mickey and Minnie’s Friends”: low 2’s:
Children are allowed to explore environment with teacher with full guidance and reassurance. Use of flannel board to tells stories, appropriate toys and games.
Age 3 “The Lion King”: High 2’s and Low’3 year olds:
More elaborate educational toys. Creation of interest centers to promote: counting of objects and symbols, sciences, books, language development, introduction of letters, of the alphabet (a new one every week), pre-reading concepts, sizes shapes, colors, etc.
Age 4 “Under the Sea”: High 3’s to Low 4’s Pre K:
Stimulating activities: use of paints, crayons, simple science projects, coordination, for example: walking on a walking beam. Starting “eye and hand” coordination projects, for example, stringing of beads. We will be encouraging the children to talk at sharing time to increase vocabulary.
Age 5 “Brother Bear”: High 4’s to 6 year olds KINDERGARTEN:
Reaching the age of 5, most of the children have a longer span of attention and are ready to sit and concentrate on given tasks.

Therefore, a greater degree of structure and academic learning is introduced in the group. Kindergartners will be tested on basic math concepts, such as the ability to count to 30 orally and to write in order the numbers 1 to 10.
We accept all programs
DCFS - Dept of Child and Family Services
Free meals through CACFP
This institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider